@diet_prada is the Instagram Exposing Fashion Knock Offs

Diet Prada is giving fashion Instagrammers the drama that it needs. Diet Prada is an Instagram account that has recently gained notoriety for calling out designers who are essentially “knocking each other off.”, as per their bio. At first glance, the posts have a humorous satirical quality but then a deep dive into their paragraph-long captions gives the side by side comparisons more context. screen-shot-2017-10-03-at-5-38-20-pm

In all seriousness, the clothing industry is very susceptible to counterfeiting, copyright and intellectual property offences which can point to why Diet Prada spurs an important conversation to be had.

This may point to a flaw in the system; a system that cannot be sustainable. The rate at which designers are pressured to create season after season of so-called “innovative” and “unique” collections can contribute to this “copycatting” culture. How can we expect absolutely zero copying, if not, similarities? Yes, the presence of blatantly stealing a concept or design is harmful, period. But fashion businesses must regain their integrity and treat fashion like the art it once was.


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