Yeezy Season 6 Modeled by None Other than Kim Kardashian (Courtesy of the Paparazzi)

Well… Not Really. The new Yeezy Season 6 lookbook features Kanye West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, in various settings going about her everyday life. With captions reading “Kit Kat run #Yeezy”, and “Phone calls #Yeezy” and the ever so relatable “Delorian ride #Yeezy”. The photos imitate those of real paparazzi photos: high contrast, flash photography capturing Kardashian as she goes about her day “grabbing coffee” or “running errands”. Kardashian revealed the photos on her Twitter account sporting a whopping 50+ outfits.

As simple and as low-budget as it may appear, it may be one of the most thoughtful and original concepts of the year. *mic drop*

It may be counter-intuitive playing off this concept considering that West and Kardashian are bait to Hollywood’s hungriest paparazzi. Both West and Kardashian have a famously tumultuous relationship with the paparazzi – how could we forget that time Kanye smashed a photographer’s camera and was ordered to complete 250 hours of community service and 30 days of anger management? Or even more recently, Kim’s claim that unflattering paparazzi photo’s has given her body dysmorphia?

The lookbook can be seen as an act of reclaiming images of themselves (especially Kim) from photos that were once taken without consent. A sort of “fuck you” to the buying-and-selling industry. Even more so, the concept stems from Kanye’s utopian vision that everyone, even the average person, can wear Yeezy. For the 99% of  women out there who want to feel comfortable yet sexy, Yeezy season 6 is for you. Just take after Kim Kardashian.

The entire lookbook can be seen and shopped on now.


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