Vetements is NOT Dead, According to Demna Gvasalia

Its been a few weeks since Highsnobiety published the highly controversial article titled “2 Years After They Broke the Internet, It Looks Like Nobody is Buying Vetements.” It caused quite the ruckus to the point where it incited a response directly from Demna himself.

For those who are just tuning in, the journalist from Highsnobiety reported claims that “the brand is on its way out, with sales slumping and customers uninterested.” Their sources (all of whom wished to remain anonymous) were a buyer, a former Vetements employee and a sales associate from a luxury department store. They had some very harsh words to say about the brand. Everything from “Vetements is completely dead” to “sales have dropped dramatically to the point where you are now seeing Vetements on sale on various outlets at 60-70% off.”

Kanye West seen here in Vetements in early 2015.

Guram and Demna call bullshit.

In a statement sent to WWD, Guram Gvasalia, Vetements CEO and Demna’s brother, fought back and declared the independent company is outperforming market expectations and showing over 50 percent growth in comparison to the previous year.

“It is sad to see the state of journalism today. In the era of click-baits, using the name of

our company in the article is a click-bait itself, and even more so when it’s mentioned in a negative headline,” he wrote. “To the disappointment of all the haters, we would like to declare that Vetements is in the strongest creative and financial state it has ever been.”

Since the statement has been released via Instagram, the Vetements page continues to blast looks from their Fall 2018 collection and product photos from their stockists as per usual.

So what do you think? Is Vetements out for you? Will it outlive the hype?


Here are some iconic looks from the brand:



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