How to Style: Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneaker

According to Louis Vuitton,

“Nicolas Ghesquière’s SS18 sneakers were inspired both by the vintage ’90s basketball look and futuristic trends. Using a mix of technical fabrics, an oversize springy rubber sole and a prominent tongue, the sneaker embraces a timeless story: a shoe from the past, in the future. The different color versions were imagined to fit different styles and times. A black-on-black or all white version to go with flowery dresses and pop color versions for a modern twist. This sneaker captures what Nicolas had in mind and in essence his love for sci-fi, such as Stranger Things or Star Wars.

If that’s not a rad concept to get behind, I don’t know what is. If you’re here to finally embrace the Ugly sneaker trend but unsure where to start – we recommend looking to the new Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneaker for spring and summer. In our opinion, the silhouette of the shoes isn’t really chunky or “ugly” per say. A closer look reveals why: it is chunky but dynamic; the over exaggerated high arch streamlines its thick rubber outsole. It is very sporty; pulled together from a pastiche of technical materials, and yet, it screams pedigree; accents of leather and monogram contrast fabric — hinting at its birthplace that is the LV maison.

The above, combined with Nicolas Ghesquière’s foresight to put almost every model in the Archlight on the runway last season — the first indicator that these sneakers would rise, meteorically — and countless editors flexing a pair at the recent FW18 shows, the hype is most definitely there. And, it is snowballing at lightning speed. Make your call after seeing the various colourways on feet.

We compiled the top street style fashionistas rocking the new Louis Vuitton Archlight sneaker to help put things in perspective.

Pair with a Midi Hemline:

The whole idea is to have eyes down on your shoes so why not put go with the unexpected twist of pairing a fancy flowy dress or skirt with the sneakers?

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Above the Knee:

It looks just as cute with a high hemline. Shorter ladies, go with the longer hemlines to avoid the illusion of having shorter, stubby legs.

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Most trousers or denim, really:

The Ugly Sneaker trend is really daunting at first, but it can seem more approachable when you realize this shoe in particular looks good with virtually any type of pant: flared, cropped, wide, skinny etc.  It’s your lucky day if you don’t like wearing skirts.

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The Archlights are available now at Louis Vuitton boutiques in 6 different colourways.


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