Matthew Williams of ALYX Studios Brings the Future of Training Apparel to the Present

Matthew M. Williams, the mastermind behind cult streetwear brand ALYX Studios, has revealed his first capsule collection in collaboration with Nike. The collection titled TRAINING SERIES 001 is said to be produced with a “human touch to a data-driven, purpose-led series of training shirts, trousers and accessories for men and women.”

In efforts to stay on top of innovation within training apparel, Nike and Williams used a so-called computational design approach to the collection. Although they didn’t divulge much of the production details, the clothes are said to be data-driven allowing the clothes to perform better. For example, data can reveal the key spots for heat and sweat zones as well as motion making for more functional apparel.

We have high hopes for this collection as it was only a matter of time for this collaboration to happen. Williams tends to pull the hardened utility functionalities to his Ready to Wear collections for ALYX Studios – take his Rollercoaster belt, tactical pants and chest rig. It’s only fitting that his segway into training and sportswear for Nike take on futuristic elements and innovation.

Image result for ian connor chest rig
Matthew Williams and Ian Connor sporting matching ALYX Chest Rigs (it’s sold out btw)

“What computational design and computer data can offer is really the future of design…It helps to create a different perspective that we can build around. Working in tandem—with data and emotion—is super interesting.”

– Matthew M Williams





nike-matthew-m-williams-alyx-data-07nike-matthew-m-williams-alyx-data-06Editorial for 032c’s Summer 2018 issue, images from SHOWStudio

The campaign is shot by Nick Knight, a long-time collaborator of Williams. The photos are very conceptual, highlighting computer-generated effects and manipulations that showcase a predominantly artful campaign rather than close-ups of the clothing. Of course in a very futuristic manner, A.I. Instagram Model Lil Miquela is seen on the cover of the latest 032c Magazine sporting some of the pieces.

The collection will include not only the traditional must-haves for training but will also include a slew of multi-functional accessories such as a vest rig of sorts, a balaclava, a towel and a double sock. The Nike x MMW collection releases July 12.


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