A Look Back at Some of the Best Interview Magazine Covers of All Time

If you’re at all curious at the state of print these days then you’ll be sad to hear that Interview, the pop culture magazine founded by Andy Warhol during the late 60’s, has officially closed. The news comes after months of lawsuits and financial turmoil.

Interview, nicknamed “the Crystal Ball of Pop” during its heydays, was a chronicle of New York cool through the lens of Andy Warhol himself. The name lends itself to the the candid question-and-answer format between Andy and his artist/ supermodel/ musician friends encouraging them to riff on the minutiae of their lives. Think avant-garde superstars and socialites, Studio 54 glamour and CBGB outcasts.

In recent years, the magazine had stayed relevant by championing the journalistic quality that had made them popular in the first place, one on one celebrity interviews.  It’s always an unexpected treat to see the byline, usually occupied by an unknown editor’s name, with someone as equally, if not, more famous than the subject: Kendrick Lamar by Dave Chappelle, Solange by Beyonce, Joaquin Phoenix by Will Ferrell.

Visually, the magazine owes as much to the artist Richard F. Bernstein as it does to Warhol. From 1972 through the late eighties, Bernstein created dozens of cover portraits using his signature pastel over painting look. Later, under the editorships of Bob Colacello and then Ingrid Sischy, the journal transformed into a leading magazine shaping its distinct, auteur style

To honour the magazine, let’s take a look back at some of the greatest Interview Magazine covers.

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